OK. Here we go another mistake again. Formerly I was confuse, “should I write a blog in my mother language or English?”. Couple of times I was indeterminant with this. But today, it’s no more.

You might find some misspells around my blog but I hope it’s fine anyway since I rated my English skill as “Good Enough” but not as that Proficient. But of course it will get better over time, anyway.

This is the third time I reboot my blog. Formerly it’s in dual-language, then pure Indonesia. But both of them proves that it’s not gonna work – Because when I write something technical, I should write them in English, as of my references are all in English.

If you’re Indonesian and you also reading (or even subscribing) to my blog, I will say, thank you, and I hope you can understand my final decision today. But anyway, it’s probably not a big deal for you because you won’t read my blog if you don’t understand English, don’t you?

In the next blog post, I will tell stories underneath products that I’ve sell, and also some engineering tricks that helped doing my projects, and anything else about my career in software engineering. I hope today is my last blog reboot. Stay tuned!