It has been a long journey for me since I rolled many updates to most my popular Unity products: TEXDraw, Engine4, Camera Projecter. Just to name a few.

Instead of I just keep it running as it is, I always want them to become better and better over time. Although it’s fun, as I always pushing my self into the border of programming skills with time and sweats I poured there, I felt like I’ve invested enough in keeping them updated following the current trend and demands from my costumer and the community. I think it’s official now, that I will stop introducing more features and instead just focusing on polishing these products and free from bugs.

My Current Interest

My busy activities as a student and also my current interest in web development is rising as with the demand. I just feel that there’s huge opportunity for me to work on web as my main business selling rather than Unity as game developer (in fact, I’ve never publishing a single game until this date). I’m sure that I will miss because this shift, but in deep heart of me, I always loving the community either in Unity or in my products.

Thanks for being with me growing until this date, guys. You’re rock solid!